WinRoute Lite

WinRoute Lite 4.2

Acts as a single gateway for computers on a LAN
4.2.5 (See all)
Shares the Internet connection to multiple computers on a LAN or to the entire network. Works with the TCP/IP communication protocol and assigns IP addresses based on the DHCP server. A proxy connection is available for configuration as well Port Mapping.

WinRoute Lite offers a fast and easy solution for sharing a single Internet connection for your entire network. With firewall security and newly added network functionality such as port mapping and support for multimedia, online gaming and IP telephony.

WinRoute Lite proves to be an ideal solution for home and small office networks. Built on the proven WinRoute Pro technology it includes a powerful Network Address Translation (NAT) router, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server, Domain Name Server (DNS) forwarder and newly added Port Mapping to host several services on your local network.

Connect through a Dial-up line or ISDN, DSL, Cable, T1/LAN or DirecPC.

Compatible with Windows

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